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There was a time when I had absolutely no idea from where our Velez family name originated and I knew very little about the lives of our Velez ancestors. After the death of my secretive and complex grandfather, I began to search for answers.

This blog, “My Cariñena Roots”, allows me to share what I’ve learned over the last dozen or so years of research. Here you’ll find that:

  • Our Velez ancestors originate from Cariñena, Spain
  • In 1774 Roque Velez emigrated from Cariñena to Havana, Cuba
  • In 1896 Roque’s great-great grandchildren, six brothers and sisters, were orphaned by tuberculosis in Havana and were sent to relatives in New York
  • These orphans grew to be our great grandparents in the Velez, Guesno, Carwellos, Gianninoto, Moreno, and many other families
  • Like most other families we have many stories of tragedy, triumph, and resilience
  • The trip from Cariñena to Cadiz to Havana to Brooklyn and back to Cariñena in 2017 took 243 years, but we made it

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Cariñena a few times. I originally went to scour the church archives for footprints of our ancestors but I discovered so much more. What I’ve found is a warm community that has seen Roman emperors and the rise and fall of religions, kings, and invaders. Its ancient vineyards “de las piedras” stretch beyond the horizon and the fallen wall that used to isolate and protect the pueblo has been replaced by a paseo used to carry on its traditions and to celebrate life. Cariñenense is not just an adjective, it’s a way to live, and I’m thankful to have discovered it’s part of who I am.

And so this blog is meant to share what I’ve learned, because what good is the information if it is not to be shared and appreciated?

Un saludo,
Daniel Velez
(Write me at djvnet at gmail)

The definition of Cariñenense

(U.t.c.s.c is an abbreviation for “Usase tambien como sustantivo común” or “also used as a common noun”)