Friends – here’s one of several mysteries I’m working on: the proper surname for the wife of Roque Velez (the one who emigrated from Cariñena to Havana in 1774).

Amigos – aquí hay uno de varios misterios en los que estoy trabajando: el apellido correcto para la esposa de Roque Vélez (el que emigró de Cariñena a La Habana en 1774).

Here is the first sample from a baptism:

Here is another from a death certificate:

…and the transcription from the church:

And finally :

Francisca (Galisea ?) (Gallisel ?) (Gallicens ?) (Galilea ?) una natural de Badajoz en Extremadura (c. 1757 estimated)
Padre: Joseph
Madre: Maria del Framiendo Ferrera

I made a request to a genealogy group in Extramadura and I’m posting these samples for their review.

Stay tuned,